Workforce Training & Development

Hiring good people is important, but making sure they are adequately trained to meet their full personal and production goals is equally as essential. Very often training people in the methods and mindset of the business is up to the employer to facilitate.

We work with clients and their employees to build applicable skills and confidence in the workplace. Some of our topics include:

team building, compensation programs, motivation, cross training, problem solving, line balancing, WIP control, methods improvement and workplace design, standards development and staffing requirements.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that effective training and development involves the transference of knowledge and teaching people applicable skills that help them to improve their performance, work environment and themselves.

Most of the courses we teach are founded in fundamentals that are time honored and proven traditions in the industry. However, we actively seek and embrace available and upcoming disciplines and technologies that have the potential to affect the industry and our clients.

We believe in a methodology that incorporates 80% hands on coaching and 20% classroom training to help ensure that concepts are understood and can be put into practice immediately.