• Method
  • Stitch Type
  • Machine Speed
  • Stitches Per Inch
  • Fabric
  • Quality Standards
  • Allowances
  • Number of Parts being Handled
  • Sew Distance
  • Folders
  • Etc..

Standards Development

Every garment must have a standard minute value which is the basis for the cost.  At WDA, we have been developing standards for literally every kind of sewn product for over 30 years.  Depending on the situation, we establish standards through either predetermined time systems or motion & time study.  If the standard is not correct, then neither is your cost.  That can be good or bad.  If you overestimate your cost and you still get the contact, then you were lucky.  If you underestimate the cost and you get the contract then you’ve got a real problem.  The worst case is overestimating the cost and not getting the contract at all because you don’t really know why.  All of these cases come with a risk.  Reduce these risks by getting it right the first time.

If you are a manufacturer, it is very important to have accurate rates because it affects people’s pay.  Many times we see companies that have rates but they are tight on some and yet loose on others.  This condition can cause havoc within the plant. 

We have experience in establishing accurate standards for both operations and or styles.  We also train your engineering or technicians on the proper establishment of standards as well.   

We also do product costing as a service for many companies.