We help you learn how to gather information to control costs and price products appropriately.  We help you develop business skills and manufacturing techniques for identifying cost areas in the organization and calculating their effects on the cost of a finished product.  Also, we train you how to:

  • Develop and utilize standard cost sheets
  • Analyze standard labor required to make a product
  • Determine various overhead costs using an annual budgeting process
  • Explore the concepts of cost-based pricing and market-based pricing
  • Conduct program costing versus product costing
  • Understand cash flow requirements when evaluating programs
  • Evaluate and embrace existing industry costing software programs

Manufacturer Product Costing

Costing sewn products can be complex. Giving an estimated cost is often fine for a client, but for internal use, you need concrete costs that are realistic for your operation to ensure you are making the profits you expect.

Whether you just need to know standard labor cost or need to provide full package costing WDA  can provide this service and train your people to do so as well.  We can analyze your products and give you the labor breakdown.  We are well versed in most currently available costing software programs in the marketplace today and can assist you to identify and implement one that is appropriate for you.