Follow-Up Support: Positive reinforcement is a very important part of any learning process.  Because of this, we conduct follow-up coaching sessions after the team has been in production for two weeks, and again two weeks after that.

During these sessions, we work with the team and management on the following:​

  • Compliance to Work Methods
  • Current Capacity and Efficiency of the Line
  • Actual Production vs. Projections
  • Engineering and Management Support
  • Current Performance Against Quality Standards
  • Equipment Performance and Technical Support

Supervisory Development: As teams mature it is imperative that their supervisors continue to develop their skills as well.  If not, teams begin to stagnate.  This step provides one-on-one coaching for supervisors to help them transition from “front line cop” to “side line coach.”

These sessions provide training and real-time feedback on topics such as time management, effective communication, conflict resolution and group dynamics.

Lean Manufacturing

WDA is dedicated to successfully implementing Lean Manufacturing.
The transition to "Lean” likewise requires commitment from the entire organization and a well-developed action plan.  WDA's proven implementation methodology is designed to coach companies through the transition to “Lean” teams.  Our methodology is as follows:

Assess Current Conditions:Our objective is to assess the company’s readiness for implementing “Lean” practices.  We gain an understanding of company goals, culture, resources, products and current practices.

Module Design: In this step, a module for the pilot team(s) is engineered.  We verify standards, establish proper operation sequencing, determine equipment requirements, operator movement rules, cross training requirements, and produce a physical layout. 

Compensation System Development: Individual incentive does not support a modular environment.  A new compensation system must be developed around company goals and objectives. Team incentives often include productivity and quality goals.

"Will Duncan and his team of associates have been the most effective consultants we have ever worked with.  Our efficiencies have increased more than 50%, our quality is far superior and we now can process orders in hours instead of weeks."​

- Brad Gibens, President​, CCKM

Lean Manufacturing Training: Our training ensures all employees understand the requirements for successful modular manufacturing and the new roles of management and direct labor.  This critical step includes classroom training for management and production employees, supervisory coaching and on-the-job cross training.

Modular Line Start-Up: Production begins immediately following the pilot team’s classroom training.  WDA provides support to the team members as well as to management and support staff.  During this time, we focus on operator movement rules, proper work methods, operator efficiency levels, quality levels and facilitator development.  It is essential that experienced personnel be on site during this critical start-up phase to teach the team the new manufacturing process.