Our Associates have worked with numerous governments, organizations, associations  and NGO’s to create world class vocational educational training programs centered around the sewn products industry.

In our decades of experience we’ve seen first hand that deliberate planning, effective execution, efficient use of resources in collaboration with industry groups and governments is required to achieve real and sustainable results.

WDA partners with clients to build ambitious and sustainable objectives for economic and workforce development solutions in sometimes demanding environments. We have designed and implemented successful solutions for both private and public projects that support strategic growth and corporate profitability.

How are we different? That's simple, we bring real world clarity to your strategies.  WDA knows the global sewn products marketplace and the global value chain. Through careful analysis and consideration of a project’s goals we find the best fit within the worldwide industry. Our experience has shown that knowledge transfer is the key to seeding sustainable results. This, along with creating partnerships, and educating decision makers is the best way to positively impact employment and strengthen industry infrastructure and competitiveness. here.

We assess, then tailor programs from the concept stage through the design of culturally appropriate teaching methodologies. We write the textbooks, instruction manuals, Train the Trainers and mentor them as they teach their students the skills to earn a livelihood.

International Economic & Workforce Development