Factory Operations Assessments

Are your manufacturing plants operating at their full potential?

Successful manufacturing requires commitment throughout the organization, a flexible cross-trained work force, a culture that promotes active employee involvement, and resources committed to the process.

WDA uses our proven methodology to help our clients achieve a road-map for manufacturing excellence. Based on our decades of hands-on experience we provide observations and propose changes ranging from quick, easy to implement ideas to long-range strategic suggestions. Following an assessment, we work with many of our clients to implement these changes over short term and long term engagements. Our on-site plant assessment looks at current business and manufacturing processes, operator training and cross-training methodology, and process flow including current work methods and standards as they relate to the overall business process. We analyze the current commercial environment, production planning and scheduling processes. Additionally, we will evaluate current technology and equipment employed.  We will also familiarize ourselves with process inventory and ordering. Emphasis will be placed on productivity improvement, cycle time reduction, and flexibility.