A properly designed plant layout will facilitate good work flow within the factory and eliminates unnessasary handling.  If done correctly, work in process is also minimized.  Our team will evaluate all factors affecting the flow of work and the mechanical requirements for the factory.  This will include electrical, compressed air, steam, lighting, heating & air conditioning and water.  We also review the requirements for inflow and outflow of materials.  Having the proper shipping and receiving docks are critical.  Depending on your specific climate conditions also affect the design.  Receiving and shipping have to continue regardless of climate but it is important to consider weather conditions to make it happen correctly.  

The type of production system being utilized is also very important to the design.  Whether Lean, Progressive  Bundle or Traditional Line system, we will design the layout to accommodate your method of production.

When centralized cutting is utilized, the correct packaging of the materials to the plant is very important.  How it is bundled can have a dramatic affect on the plant without realizing the condition.  For example, if the cut parts are palletized and then shrink wrapped in order to maximize shipping, it can also cause the garment to require pressing that maybe could have been avoided if the packaging were done differently.  It costs money and often times that cost is hidden. Our plan is to minimize throughput and costs at the same time.

All of our layouts are done in AutoCad so that we can change them as required.  Each of the mechanical drawings and the physical equipment layout is done on different layers.  This way we can turn off or turn on those layers that are pertinent to the design.  We do not own the design, you do.  Therefore, we will give you our work when complete in the format desired.

Factory Layout & Workflow Optimization