It is not uncommon that the money spent on fabric is the major cost driver in an apparel product.  Improper material utilization can be the single largest contributor to factory losses.  This is why it is extremely critical to keep a sharp eye on these costs and to optimize the use of materials wherever possible.  Whether you own the fabric or not, poor utilization of fabric will cost you money.  It can mean the difference between Profits or Losses.  Some of the areas of focus in the cutting room are:

  • Roll Goods Receiving and Storage
  • Spreading Methods and Training
  • Cutting Methods and Training (Both Manual and Numerical Control)
  • Incentive Systems for Spreading, Cutting and Bundling
  • Marker Making
  • Material Utilization

For example, specific items of concern during Spreading are:

           Marker Utilization

           Reduction of Fabric Width Loss

           Reduction of Roll End Loss

           Use of Proper Splice Marks

           Cut Order Planning

           When to cut out damages

We can help your company understand the benefits of a properly designed and managed material utilization program.  The proper selection of hardware and software together with WDA assistance will ensure a successful program implementation.  

Cutting Room Assessments