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During his 40+ year career, Anton has held a variety of leadership positions in every aspect of the apparel industry, from vertical manufacturing through retailing. He has extensive experience in new plant startups and turnaround situations. Among the breadth of his activities have been industrial engineering, production management and quality assurance for knitting, dyeing, cut and sew, embroidery, screen print, garment wash, garment dye and warehousing and distribution. As VP Manufacturing/COO he led the turnaround of a branded children’s wear company, delivering profitability from operations within the first 12 months. During his tenure with Target he built the product development team, process, methods and tools that enabled Target's private apparel brands to deliver consistent fit, construction, materials and color, and to grow to over $14 billion in annual sales.

Anton has a Bachelor of Science degree in Textile Technology from North Carolina State University and is a past President of the Textile Quality Control Association. Since retiring from Target in 2012, he has been consulting with several organizations and companies focusing on streamlining product development processes and developing outstanding organizational talent.

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Lourdes Pérez is a bilingual (Spanish and English) apparel manufacturing specialist. Her primary focus is conducting plant assessments, delivering lean manufacturing/engineering workshops, and presenting seminars on supervisory development and operator training. Lourdes works with companies to teach and implement fast fashion concepts and participated in the Size Mexico Sizing Survey. She promotes [TC]²'s products, services and involvement in regional industry events.

As the Manager for Contract Services in Mexico, she is based in Mexico City. Previously Lourdes was Manager of the Mexican Apparel Chamber (CANAUVE) where she developed meaningful relationships between suppliers, associations, and institutions within the Mexican Apparel sector. She currently sits on the Mexican Apparel Chamber (CANAIVE) board, is a columnist for MexCostura magazine and a certified monitor for WRAP.

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Starting on the sewing floor as an operator, Wanda has over 40 years experience in apparel manufacturing.  She transitioned into production management and quality assurance in working in US factories.  As production moved off shore, Wanda worked with major garment manufacturers such as Ocean Pacific, Leslie Fay, and Perry Manufacturing offering her experience to sewing contractors in 12 different countries.  She was responsible for sourcing, growing their off shore manufacturing base, production and quality. She also served as General Manager for one of Perry Manufacturing’s sewing factories in Honduras with 1,000 employees. 

Subsequently, Wanda joined [TC]2 as an independent consultant and later became a full time member of their Industry Services Consulting Division.  She worked on initiatives in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Republic of Georgia, Nicaragua and the United States.  Scope of work included train-the-trainer programs for Sewing, Quality Inspection and Quality Control as well as Engineering Efficiency Improvement Services. 

Wanda relocated to the United States taking a position with St John Knits as Director of Product Development and Quality Control for their Tijuana factory with 800 employees throughout their Knitting, Cutting, Sewing and Jewelry operations.

We’re thinkers and 'doers'. We think strategy and process and also like to get our hands on product and production equipment. You want to improve your through-puts and products, and so do we - its our passion. Our team of industry experts knows best practices and also understands the need to look at facilities, people and supply chains in a holistic manner.

Our consultants all have decades of experience across the industry, ranging from the board room to the factory floor. Will Duncan and his team of Associates, worked for many years with [TC]2 to establish a reputation of service excellence.

Juan Fernando is an industry consultant with over 20 years of experience. An Engineer by training, he has expertise in engineering methods and ergonomics for the manufacture of sewn products. He has extensive experience in the implementation of lean manufacturing, the management of talent as well as in payment systems and compensation for direct and indirect labor employees.  Juan Fernando has worked with many manufacturers to evaluate and quantify associated manufacturing costs and improve quality control. He is ETC certified and also assists clients in the costing of finished products. Based out of Colombia, he supports the South and Central Americas regions and also designs and delivers training programs for various educational institutions.

Positions include: Consultant, WD & Associates, Consultant, [TC]²; Owner and Manager, Grupo Ingenieros XXI ;  Owner and Manager, Mapro S.A.;Plant Manager, Figuras Informales.

Juan Fernando has a degree in Production Engineering from the E.A.F.I.T. in Medellin, Colombia.

Arturo Rodriguez is a trilingual (Spanish/English/Portuguese proficiency) Industrial Engineer with over 30 years of experience in the apparel industry. As an expert in implementation of lean manufacturing Arturo has extensive experience at factory level from QA to management of contracts, production and manufacturing plants.  He is skilled at training and coaching all organizational levels, from management to direct labor, to achieve corporate goals. Arturo is based in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and is a regular participant in industry panels and events throughout the region.

Positions include: [TC]², Manager- Latin America; AMF-Reece, Sales Director -Latin America; Manufacturing Manager, Motorola Plant (Guadalajara); Plant Manager and Production Manager at several sewing plants in Guadalajara (Primus, Ropa Cadena, Calidad Confeccionada).

Guy Carpenter has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing, distribution and sales in the apparel industry. Guy has worked with the entire supply chain from farm to factory to finished garment and in value chain management from product development through to manufacturing.  As a consultant, works with senior executives in evaluating competitive advantage with the goal of fortifying industry growth strategies for brands and national industries. He is a results oriented team player familiar with challenges across language and business cultures and harmonizing commercial and social goals.

Positions include: President, Cape Fear Apparel; C.O.O., Naturally Advanced Technologies; Sr. VP,  Danube Knitwear (Hungary/Romania); Consultant, World Bank Group (I.F.C. Textiles and Apparel) & Mast Global. Guy and a partner developed one of Central Europe’s largest casual apparel distribution centers in Budapest, Hungary.

He holds a MBA degree in International Business from the University of South Carolina, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree from the College of Charleston. He is a proud veteran of both the U.S. Army Airborne Calvary and the U.S. Peace Corps (Niger).

Will Duncan is a recognized speaker and fashion industry consultant with over 30 years experience in plant engineering, team-based manufacturing, and process improvement in the sewn products industry. He is skilled in facilitating culture change, team building and process alignment for brands, retailers and manufacturers. Will has lead and successfully implemented a large number of lean manufacturing initiatives and started industry focused training programs in countries around the world.

Positions include: Executive Vice President [TC]²  (Responsibilities including: Manufacturing Services, Brand and Retail Services, and iStyling solutions); Director of Operations, Lanes Laundry;  Plant Manager, Bladen Sportswear; Manager of Engineering and Operations, W&J Rives.

Will has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from North Carolina State University, is a member of [TC]²’s Executive Board, is Director of Education and a Board Member of SEAMS, and served as Chairman of the Human Resources Leadership Council of the American Apparel Footwear Association.

Kilara Le has over 10 years of experience in the apparel industry in streamlining product development and design. She has worked as a consultant with major international retailers, brands, and manufacturers to analyze and improve business processes. Kilara has experience in implementation of software, enterprise systems and product development ‘best practices’ for the sewn products industry.  She has also worked with global technology and software providers to design, develop and promote their products specific to the apparel industry.

Positions include: Consulting Staff, LMI; Consultant, Walter Wilhelm Associates; Consultant, [TC]²; Reporter and Senior Contributor, WhichPLM; Implementation Specialist, Gerber Technology.

Kilara has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Textile Technology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art & Design from North Carolina State University.

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